Can't find volume normalization / replaygain settings anywhere


I have the latest version of Roon and I have scoured all of the settings pages and I cant seem to find anything related to volume normalization. Can someone provide step by step instructions on how to adjust this? It seems like a lot of the Roon help documentation is older / incorrect now for the later versions.

I think it is under the zone settings.

Click the volume icon and then the gear icon.

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If you mean Volume Levelling, click the volume icon (lower right) ā€¦

Then the gear icon ā€¦

Then select from the Volume Levelling options.

EDIT: @Rugby beat me to it, but Iā€™d done the screengrabs and it seemed a shame to waste them :slight_smile:


Hey @jacob_love,

Great question! Thanks for reaching out on community.

It looks like both @Rugby and @DaveN have been extremely prompt and helpful in their explanations. Thank you both!

I hope it worked for you :nerd_face:

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