Can't get a 3 disc set to show up correctly

I ripped Prince’s “The Hits/The B sides”.

Each disc shows up as a separate album, but all with the same names.
Worse yet, track 10 on disc 1 shows up as its own, separate album.

I have several other multiple disc albums that show up correctly, where it’s ONE album with multiple discs.

I’ve selected the correct album within Roon. All the songs match up to Roon’s metadata. But it displays all wrong.

Is this a function of the ID tags, or something Roon is doing all on its own? Is there any way I can at least get track 10 to join the rest of the tracks in disc 1?

Very frustrating. :frowning:

Nevermind… I figured out how to merge the albums… all is well with the world now. :slight_smile:

Glad you sorted it out. It’s worth checking your file tags for any inconsistencies in the album name (upper case / lower case / etc.) between tracks and, especially, between discs. I’ve noticed with dbPowerAmp that sometimes different discs in a multi-disc set have different titles. Sometimes, the title even has CD1 etc. added to it. If that happens, Roon might think that it’s a different album.

Similarly, check the disc number and track number tags.

Yes, indeed. Especially for Classical multi-CDs. I’m ripping my Opera CDs now, with dbPoweramp, and I have to groom the meta-data all the way to the format of the track titles for each CD.

This is one of the deficiencies of only doing disc based tagging because the TOC discid used to lookup the disc only knows about that disc, it does not understand the concept of multi-disc albums. Whereas if you tag your songs against a database such as MusicBrainz or Discogs the metadata should be consistent over all the discs in the album and you should get more consistent results.

I manually compared and edited the ID tags to make sure there were no discrepancies. And even then Roon still thought track 10 was its own album. I would love to know exactly how Roon uses metadata (and which metadata) to process multidisc albums.

If you edited the tags after import, Roon would not have changed the division into discs. That requires either a manual merge or complete removal from library (with “clean database”) and reimport.

There are good reasons for this. You don’t want albums suddenly splitting up because something incidental in metadata got changed.