Cant get flirc working with second flirc

i just sent feeedback, 8176dd8808cbf811

i tried to get all the names and identifiers correct but i cannot get the flirc to control my second ropieee with flirc in my roon network.

an help with what I have set incorrectly?

thanks in advance!


I’m not sure I understand you correctly…

So this is your second RoPieee unit which you want to control with a Flirc?

The log shows that the Flirc receiver is properly being initialised

Yes 2nd ropieee unit 2nd flirc 2nd harmony hub and remote…

What was the procedure to echo commands received so I verify that the flirc is reading remote/hub…


I’ve looked more closely. It seems to me that everything is working fine, except that the system is complaining that it can’t retrieve the zone list from Roon server.

Do you have the RoPieee extension enabled in Roon?

yup that did it. thanks!