Can't get one of Apple TVs to work

I’ve got two Apple TVs, one works perfectly, the other goes on and off all of the time, lately it’s mostly just off line. Can’t see it in setup. I’ve restarted the device, restarted the router, restarted Roon. I got it up and running for a short while the other day, but after a about minute I got an error message and then it disappeared again. Any suggestions?

swap location of the two and see if problem follows Apple TV or stays at same location


@Kristofer_Lundstrom, following on @Jim_F’s suggestion, is your Apple TV working normally as a video streamer and it behaves abnormally with Roon, or is it used just as an AirPlay device for Roon now?

Both work perfectly streaming, only using Roon I get a problem with one of them. I’ll try swapping, probably only thing I haven’t tried yet.

Are they the same model and do they have their latest software updates installed?