Can't get past this screen?

I just received my rebuilt Nucleus+ but can’t get past this screen. Whenever I click on “relaunch” it takes me back to this exact screen, and I can’t pull up “preferences” to try and connect the core to my music storage folder. Little help?

Hi Hal,

As a fellow Mac user, what I would do is eliminating first the old Roon from the Mac and then do a fresh install, using the installer from Roon’s website.

To completely get rid of the old Roon, open a Finder window and select the ‘Library’ option from the Finder’s ‘Go’ menu. The ‘Library’ option is usually hidden, but you’ll see it while pressing the ‘alt’ key. Select ‘Library’ and then rename the ‘Roon’ folder to ‘Roon.old’.

Then download the new installer and do a fresh install, which should update Roon on your Mac to the current 952 build. Hopefully then you can proceed with your Nucleus setup.

After confirming that everything is working fine, you can delete the ‘Roon.old’ folder.

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Hey @Hal_Greene,

Just checking in to see if you’ve had success following @Andreas_Philipp1’s suggestions? Please send us an update on your current status. If you’re still having trouble we’ll happily jump in and help. Thanks!

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