Can't get Qobuz to play anything

Roon Core Machine

432 EVO Aeon server

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear C7000v2

Fidelizer Etherstream switch

Connected Audio Devices

Server connected to Ideon Audio Absolute Epsilon DAC via USB
Ideon connects via balanced (XLR) interconnects to Pass Labs XP22 line stage

Number of Tracks in Library

100,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Can’t play any Qobuz material even though I cxan sign on and I’m told I’m a member in good standing.
I get the message “This track is not currently available from Quboz. Too many failures. Stoppiung playback”

Tidal works fine but would prefer to use Qobuz.

Thank you

What Qobuz tier are you and what type of tracks are you trying to play…hires?

It’s a “Complimentary Roon Subscription”
I’m an audio writer.
Yes, I’m tryiong to play Hi-Rez files.

Ok, couple thoughts.
When you look in settings:services what does it say for streaming plan?
And are you sure you logged into the correct Qobuz account inside of Roon.

Under Services Qobuz, it says “Signed In” and lists my correct email address. As far as I know, that’s the only Qobuz account I have - I was given the account 2 years ago but this is te first time I’m trying to use it.

This is what I was hoping to see to see what plan Qobuz is telling Roon you are on.

OK. When I click on the Qobuz icon, it yakes me to another screen

My user name

Status: Successfully signed in

Last library sync: 22:06:18

Streaming Quality: “No stream formats available”

I click on my name, then “My Account” and “Studio Premier” comes up - with option to “Try Free”

Are you still with me?

What level of active Qobuz subscription do you have?

sounds like you need to get some qobuz accout help…maybe its not active for streaming but its an active login/member/user/account

Try logging into Qobuz via browser to check if your account is still active…

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@Andrew_Quint, if you install the Qobuz app on Mac, PC, Android or iOS, can you login and play music?

Good morning. I did some more experimenting and here’s what I’m experiencing.

I have two music servers, a Baetis Reference 3 (which is a PC based machine) and a 432 EVO Aeon, which is Linux based. The Baetis uses JRiver for playback and file management, the Aeon uses Roon.
Both players have the Tidal and Quboz apps installed.

With the Baetis (using JRiver) I can stream from either Tidal or Quboz without difficulty. I use an AES/EBU output from the Baetis to my Ideon Absolute DAC,

With the 432 EVO Aeon (using Roon) I can only successfully stream Tidal. When I try to stream anything on Qobuz, I get the same message: “The track is not currently available from Qobuz” and then “Too many failures. Stopping playback.” Any ideas?


I seem to remember another recent case of problem running Qobuz through Roon with one of these 432 Evo units.
I think you need to contact Qobuz as for whatever reason Roon thinks there’s no streaming plan attached to the Qobuz account you are logged in to Roon with

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