Can't get Roon and Qutest to work

I saw a similar post in Sept. The gentleman who posted solved his own problem. I cannot.

I just bought a qutest, hooked it up downloaded the windows driver from chords website (ASIO 1.5) roon see it but i am getting a message saying the audio file is running slowly/performance issue.

Any suggestion to resolve please

Hi @Terrance_Hanson,

Can you please post some more information regarding your setup using this thread as a guide?

  • What are your Core specifications?
  • How is your Core connected to the network?
  • Does this issue occur for both Local and streaming content or just one and not the other?


Chord has told me that it is best to use wasapi in windows 10 and NOT their ASIO driver for Roon. Try that and I expect that as in my case all will run smoothly and sound great.

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