Cant get Roon server to change metadata prefs on QNAP?

Im not sure this is connected to the QNAP server (native, works splendid i all ways, except…)
I have a few albums that Roon sets the cover to some mediocre photo of a worn LP. Problem is i cant seem to change the metadata prefs to file for these albums? And yes, they have embedded hi quality covers as all of my files.

I cannot select any metadata preference which stays that way?
If i select cover-prefer file, it wont come into effect?

Any thoughts?

I can verify this on Tuesday as I am currently not at home. But I remember that I already added artwork manually in combination with my qnap.

Thx @crieke, but please forget this!
It IS working, but in this particular case it seems that Roon dug out some strange cover image from within the file that wasnt visible in other players.

And for visibility reasons the blue selection on “Metadata prefs” really should display your previous choice, not fall back to “Dont change” for each selection.

Really confusing having the Edit fields view that does almost the same things too? Whats the purpose of these two views?