Can't get Roon to combine PARTs to WORKs


Hi, I’ve found a couple of albums so far, where Roon found metadata, but it is incorrect. These albums are:

  1. Bizet: L’Arlésienne-Suites Nos. 1 & 2; Carmen-Suite, Herbert von Karajan, 1985, and
  2. Bach: Magnificat & Christmas Oratorio Part One, New College Choir, Oxford, 1996

In the former, the 4 movements of the Carmen Suite are not correctly identified as parts of one work (Bizet Carmen Suite). In the second, the 1st 9 tracks should all be parts of one work - Bach Christmas Oratario.

While I accept that the Rovi database is not perfect, I cannot “bend Roon to my will” to fix this. I have tried adding WORK and PART tags to just these tracks, as well as editing the TITLE tag to the form PART: WORK. Neither of these is making any dent.

Please advise how the humans can beat the machine here!

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@joel @support

Please advise? Here is the Bach. It seems to have bad metadata. The tracks 1-9 that should be part of one work (Christmas Oratario BWV 248), get listed as individual works.

I’ve fixed the metadata by adding WORK and PART tags, as well as setting TITLE tags to be of the form WORK: PART.

I still cannot get Roon to display correctly, even if I select “Prefer file” for metadata.

In general, is this the only way - i.e. post on this forum - to open a support issue?

Hi @austinpop.

In the current product, WORK and PART file tags will not override track groupings when the album is identified and the tracks have specific performance information. This is the case here. We are considering providing a “Prefer Local Composition Grouping” (or similar) setting in a future update to the Roon product.


Is you album this one?ésienne-suites-nos-1-2-carmen-suite-mr0002685525

If not, which? Please would you provide a screenshot of the album details (track listing) page including the cover that Roon is picking up?


It does appear that Rovi has got both of these groupings wrong. I suspect that the individual who entered the information read Weihnachtsoratorium (Christmas Oratorio), in six parts and added the same performance ID for just the first six tracks, not realizing that the six parts are actually spread over nine tracks. I’ll request that Rovi update this grouping.

Much appreciated. But it does highlight the fact that Rovi is not perfect, and needs a way to be overridden.

Additional Info

Since I’m in the process of initial library setup in Roon, I’ll return if and when I encounter other anomalies. Here’s another Christmas Oratario that’s illustrative of a problem I’ve run into elsewhere. For the record - I am not obsessed with Bach Oratorios :grin: - quite on the contrary - but they seem to be particularly problematic.

This one is a set of free high-res bonus tracks available for download.

Quite properly, it’s not in Rovi’s metadata. But when I try the ole WORK/PART solution, I get this:

For some reason, it creates partial works, whereas it should have just been a single work, with 8 parts.

Please advise.

Thanks again for responding.