Can't get Roon to connect to Apple's Music library [Resolved - Not a supported format]

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini (M1, 2020)
Apple M1
16 GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

WiFi - T-Mobile Home internet

Connected Audio Devices

Library Size

6100 tracks. 84 GB. But all in the cloud. I downloaded one album - 8 tracks - just to figure out which folder to share and connect with Roon. Can’t figure it out. Nothing I’ve tried has worked.

Description of Issue

Bought a new Mac mini. Setup as new computer, without using Migration Assistant. I wanted a clean start.
Downloaded and installed Roon.
File Sharing On - Shared Folder “Apple Music”
In Roon Storage - tried every combination of sharing folders, network sharing - can’t get Roon to recognize anything in Apple Music (not iTunes any longer - Music).

Any ideas what I’ve not got set quite right?

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Roon can’t pull from Apple Music Cloud. If it isn’t local or on Qobuz or Tidal, Roon can’t see it.

Thanks for the quick reply Andrew. My apologies for not being clear. Most of my library is in the cloud. I downloaded one album to be local just for this purpose of setting up the connection properly. Once established, I will download the remainder of the library.

So I have one album - files are in this directory (default for the Mac Music app):
Mac HD/Users/rustylewis/Music/Music/Media/Apple Music and can’t get Roon to see it. Inside the Apple Music folder resides a folder with the album title, and inside that folder are the actual tracks.

Do you find any information in Settings-Library-Skipped Files?

No. Nothing is listed there.

Any other ideas?

What format are the files ?

Does Roon support them ?

HLS Media. Apple’s new hi-res format I suppose.

It looks like the one album I chose to download is made up of music videos - not music. Duh. Let me try again and see if getting the audio files downloaded fixes things.

Make it FLAC or MP3 to eliminate funny formats , if that works you need a good converter :blush:

Hi @Rusty_Lewis, HLS is not a supported format. If you can convert them or download them in a supported format, that should work.

I downloaded additional music files to my local machine overnight. They are showing up in Roon!

Another question - I have Roon watching 3 folders - is this necessary or should I delete 2 of the 3 folders? All 3 show 161 tracks imported. Am I creating duplicates by accident? I had all 3 folders listed when I was trying to get things to work.

Hi @Rusty_Lewis — You can delete the bottom two watched folders. At the moment it looks like you’re importing the same content multiple times.

Done. Anything else I should do to remove any duplicates?

Once you only have the one watched folder, and duplicates from that should be removed automatically.

Terrific. Thanks so much for your help today.

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