Can't Get Roon to play any music on Client Computer

I have not been able to get Roon to work on my client computer for nearly 10 days and I’m coming up close to the end of the trial period. So I’m looking for some help.

On the Core Computer, I have Roon installed and scanning the local music directory. The Core computer work fine. I then loaded Roon on Client Computer, and set it to read the Core Computer. I see and can browse all the music. So all is good with the connection.

When, I choose any music and I click play, it does not play. Instead it blitzes through the playlist skipping songs one after the other. At first, I thought it was just not playing as I would click on a song to play and nothing. It was only when I chose Play All (1800 tracks) that I could watch the songs flipping by at a pace I could barely read. It got to the end of the playlist and then said “Nothing Queued”.

Some info on the client, my Client computer is windows 8.1 pro 64 bit. My Client machine has S/PDIF as the chosen output and I am running a coax cable to my receiver and it’s DAC (NAD 3020D to be exact). Windows programs play normally using this output. I do use an AISO driver when running Jriver, which also runs great.

I choose the S/PDIF audio output in Roon and like I said above, nothing plays. Can Roon not send digital out through S/PDIF? When I took a look at the logs, it seems that Roon is not seeing the chosen output and attempting (and failing) to render the music via WASAPI instead of just sending the digital signal out to the DAC. Is there a setting I’m missing? Or am I trying to do something that Roon doesn’t do yet?

Hi @Rugby – this is definitely something Roon does. Sorry you’re having difficulties here.

I’m going to send you a PM, so I can get some more information about your setup and figure out what’s going on.