Can't get Roon to view a custom compilation as a single album

Hi there,

I have a few ‘fake’ compilation albums – I’ve set the tags so that the Album TItle and Album Artist are the same for every track on the ‘album’. I’ve blanked out disc number and other ancillary fields. Still, Roon for some reason isn’t always including all the tracks on the album. Sometimes it just breaks up the album, sometimes it lists the album as the original artist album. Any idea why Roon isn’t just taking my ‘word for it’ on the album title and album artist?

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Hard to say without seeing the tags (feel free to post a screenshot), but I would make sure you have all the files in a single folder, with sequential track numbers and the same tag for the album title across all the files.

You may also want to add Various Artists for the album artist, as that will give Roon a clue that this is a compilation.

Thanks I am not sure what you mean by the ‘same tag for the album title across the files’. Is this different than having the same album title across the files?

No, same thing

They are all the same. I can try changing the Album Artist to Various Artists but actually I’d rather not do that-- I’m still not sure why Roon does this, other apps put the songs together just fine.

Incidentally I blanked out the track numbers. Do I need to have track numbers?

Yeah, this is a pretty important indicator. Sequential files in a folder (whether due to tags or numbered files) tell us they should be treated as an album.

This isn’t required – it’s more important that the Album and Album Artist are the same, and the files are numbered sequentially.