Can't import latest MQA favourites

For all of their alleged Machiavellian activities, MQA are alarmingly bad at letting us know about great albums now available in MQA on Tidal. Consequently, I do a painful, manual trawl every few weeks. Yesterday I was pleased to see some great classical albums appear - Solti ‘Elektra’, Karajan ‘Butterfly’ with Pavarotti, new ‘Manfred’ from Bychkov - and favourited them. Only problem is not all come through to Roon when I sync with Tidal. They are there in the Tidal app and web interface.

Any idea why some are not getting into my library?



Hi @Richard_Graham ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated!

Moving forward, by chance do you have the mentioned content already in your personal music collection? The reason I ask is because local content will take the “lead” over MQA (tidal) content.


Thanks, @eric!

Not at the moment. I have an Antipodes K50, but because of a recent power outage, there is no local storage.

But I would need to check if the albums are favourited in Qobuz. I’d be surprised if the Supertramp were…do you want me to check?


@Richard_Graham Eric left Roon some years ago.