Can't import playlists

I’ve tried configuring my playlists many different ways and I cannot get them to import into Roon. The article you posted here is of no use at all, and so many posts make no sense and do not spell it out properly.

How should the playlist be formatted?

For example, my song is here:


None of the following formats work in the m3u playlists:





What is the secret formatting method to use?

Also, I don’t understand this from the documentation:

“the playlist must be stored at the root folder of the music files: In order for an M3U to appear in Roon, it must: Include tracks from the same watched folder”

I have many playlists and many folders. What if the playlist contains songs from different subfolders? How can “the playlist be stored at the root folder of the music files” if the music files are stored in different folders?

Where exactly should my playlists be stored? should they be in [\\music](file:// Can they be in [\\music\playlists](file://

You point roon to a specific folder when you set up it up in settings, storage. This is the watched folder.
For example ROCK>music
It is in this directory that you place the playlists.

All of the music files used in the playlists must be in or beneath this directory and are referenced in the playlist as such. Each song defines the path relative to that location. Do not put any leading slashes or drives on there.
So example
/Abba/greatest hits/waterloo.flac

Thanks much! I will try again.