Can't index all Tidal Tracks

Hello @support - I only have a full Master paid Tidal subscription as my only Roon source and I find that I can only search for tracks that were imported as part of the standard collections, but not the full library as I would like to see (so about 16k tracks instead of 40M). How can I import all 40M Tidal tracks so I can search for all of them. A good example is when I search for All of Me by John Legend, you get many results but none of them by John Legend. To fund that track, I need to search for John Legend, find the album and add it my Library. When I search again, the right track comes to the top of the search results. Thanks.

I just searched, using Roon, for “all of me legend” and JL’s version showed as a TIDAL track. Have you integrated TIDAL into the Roon remote (does the word TIDAL appear in the drop-down menu top left)? Or are you searching from within the TIDAL app? Should work either way.

I would not recommend “importing” 40,000 albums to accomplish your objective. That’s like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly, and it might cause performance issues.

Roon searches your library as well as the full Tidal collection.

I searched for “all of me john legend” and got the following, with All of Me (the album) and All of Me (the track) as first result in their respective Tidal listings:

Note that this is without John Legend in my local library. When I add one of his albums, Roon presents the local Library results first:

Click on Tidal Albums and Tidal Tracks (right next to Library Albums and Library Tracks) to see the non-local Tidal results:

The first three Tidal tracks all seem relevant:

When I search, I see the Tidal track and Tidal Albums links, but and they give me all cover artists. None by John Legend.

Also, if you click on the first search result that YOU got, its the Spanish version, not the original US version. If you do the same search on Tidal’s app, you get John Legends English version first. It’s really strange given this is a huge artist and a popular song. Same thing happens with Havana (top 40 song by camila cabello). In tidal, you will go right to it. On Roon, you cant find it.

Thanks for your help. I was sure I am doing something wrong, but after looking at your search results, i am not sure.

Are you sure you’re including John Legend in the search?

This is what I get when I search “all of me”:

When I search “all of me John Legend”:


Cheers, Greg

Hi - I get the same results that you do and none of those are John legend. Try to listen to the album with the hearts / flowers. Also, I am not including John Legend in the search since often I dont know the artist. I am just comparing the tidal search, which gives you exactly what you would expect, with the Roon search which frankly gives nonsensical results.

I still think that either Roon’s search algorithm for Tidal is off or you need to add all songs to the library. Any help on this is appreciated.

When I changed the search around:

I get the correct song in the track list, as shown circled:

Thank for sharing. That is helpful. I think the conclusion is Roon is searching all of Tidal’s library, but the search algorithm is not as accurate as the one Tidal uses on its own app. I often dont know both the artist and the song name, so I just type in the song name typically. When I do the same song search on roon and on Tidal’s app, I get the right result more often only on Tidal.

Hopefully this is something that can be fixed on the Roon side over time. Otherwise, I have loved the Roon experience!

One more thought: when I first encountered this ‘feature’, I would search for, say, “all of me” with Roon. I would wait for the dropdown list to appear, usually about 5 entries at most. And, when nothing appeared on the dropdown list, I used to assume that search was a bust. Turns out, NOT TRUE (necessarily).

If you then went ahead and pressed Enter, the search would continue in TIDAL. [If you hit Enter, then never mind. :slight_smile: ] BUT…that sometimes didn’t work either. I was told, I recall, that Roon does not keep a complete index of all TIDAL track data, because to do so would be prohibitively large and expensive.

So, you are correct, in that the TIDAL search will be based on its (presumably) larger database as compared to Roon’s. I suspect that Roon recognizes that its integration with TIDAL could be more complete. Ideally, one would not know or care which environment s/he was searching in.