Can't install EA build on ROCK

Running ROCK on a NUC8, following the install instructions for early access results in no switch to early access.

Using the instruction file provided on the early access page, roon reports that it is still running a production build (1359).

Is there something else I need to do in order to switch to EA on my core?

After placing the file (unchanged and with no name/extension change) in the \\RockData\Reinstall (smb://Rock/Data/Reinstall on a Mac) folder on the NUC, have you used the web GUI (typically http://Rock ) to reinstall:

As specified in the instructions here:

That is what I did, still on production after following those steps.

OK. What did you use to download the roon early access migration file?

Did it’s name get changed?

The filename, with the extension, should be: roon-earlyaccess.bin

Did something go wrong with the download such that the contents are truncated/corrupted?

Looking at a download of this file that I have just performed, the file size should be exactly 1024 bytes.

This was the exact filename (I didn’t modify it in anyway, just dumped it in the location Roon suggested):


File size is 1.02 kB

The file should be named “roon-earlyaccess.bin”. I just downloaded it and that is what it came through as. Try a different web browser to download the file.

That filename and length is incorrect.

Should be ‘roon-earlyaccess.bin’ as stated above and the filename should be exactly 1024bytes (1kByte).

I have just gone through the procedure myself so I know this works and I have the correct file details.

Incidentally, when copying the file to the Reinstall folder on the NUC, I got a warning about the file already existing - do I want to overwrite it. The correct answer is ‘yes you do want to overwrite it’

Sorry to duplicate what you said - I must have been typing as you posted.

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Firefox wonders why everyone ends up using Chrome…

No idea why the browser would ruin the filename like that but hey, it works now. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I use Firefox - on Windows without any issues.

My firefox download worked, I"m on Windows as well.

I was downloading on Android.

Yeah, I get that too. Firefox Android has always had issues downloading from Roon’s sites actually for me.

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