Can't install Roon on my Windows 8.1 servers I own - no GL support

I own 2 [Windows 8.1] servers, both setup as minimalist servers for audio. The older one runs a dual core Atom board and the newer one (brand new, runs a powerful Xeon board with an i7 3.5GHz chip. Both use on board video on the MB - no video card. Roon won’t install on either - because they don’t have GL support built in.

Roon will install on my regular (work) desktop type of PC with Intel 4000 video capability on board (it’s an i7 laptop PC), but I don’t have DSD playback available there, so I can’t test the DSD capability.

A shame, as unless they change Roon to run on server type setups, I won’t be able to use it.

Have a search on this forum. Several others have posted successful details for server install.

okay, except I’m running Windows 8.1, on my servers, not Windows 2012.The solution in the other posts seems to be for Windows 2012 users. My newer server is brand new and has modern hardware, but it has a server motherboard and no standalone video card. so I guess I’m out of luck.

you are until we have a headless build… in the next few weeks… maybe sooner for windows.

Thanks for that. Glad to hear you are working on a headless version.