Can't install Roon Server on QNAP TS-251+ [Solved]

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried multiple times to install Roon Server from the NAS App store and it fails every time. What am I doing wrong? Is this Roon’s way of telling me the TS-251+ isn’t suitable?

Can you say what you been doing?

Could it be that there is no shared folder with the name “RoonServer” on your QNAP, yet?
This shared folder currently needs to be created in the QNAP Control Panel, before Roon Server can be installed on QNAP.
(With the next version, this won’t be neccesary anymore).

Thanks for the information, Christopher. I did not know about the shared folder. Perhaps I should do more reading of the Roon stuff.

Chris’s installation guide.

Thanks crieke and Ratbert. Installation successful!