Can't locate Roon Core - Stuck on logo

This has everything to do with the roon logo going on and on trying to find my core when I tr logon to listn to some music… In the meantime if I clIck on the other copy of the logo below marked start a new roon core(which I did not do because I thought it would lead to a new and expensive roon site) Now, I have a life membership. I have had this problem of being sent to a roon logo asking for m roon core but never finding it .Is there no way to prevent that logo from never fiiding it?

@John_F_Leonard I am not sure how what you wrote has anything to do with the problem I am experiencing? Wrong topic perhaps?

Hi @John_F_Leonard,

It sounds like you have a different issue than the previous thread, so I have split your post out.

I’m not sure I quite understand the issue here - is it that you are unable to connect to your Roon Core from your remotes?

What kind of Core do you have (what is the operating system, specs, ect.) and what kind of Roon Remotes are you using (model/manufacturer, operating system, specs)?

I don’t think I need a Roon core. However, one time when I was looking around, I thought I would hit the Roon logo and see what I get. What I got was a setup searching for my Roon core. I Xed it out and have gotten along just fine since. I suppose I still have some curiosity about my core: should I have one?, do I have one or not? I am running a NUC7i3BNH with win10 pro.

Hi @John_F_Leonard,

It sounds like your NUC is your Roon Core in this case. Your Core just refers to the PC/Appliance managing your Roon library. See our Roon Architecture Knowledge Base Article for more information on how Roon works.

If you did a “search for RoonOS devices”, nothing would pop up there because you have Windows 10 running on the NUC. Search for RoonOS only locates Cores running Roon Operating System (such as ROCK or Nucleus), and doesn’t show other types of Cores in that menu.

It sounds like there is no issue here in that case? You’re able to properly use the Core and access it from your Roon Remotes? It is still not clear what Roon Remote exactly you’re trying to connect to the Core with, so some clarification in that area would be good.

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