Can't Log in and Roon Doesn't See Devices with a Reinstall

I am a lifetime subscriber running Roon on my Late 2013 i7, 16gb Ram iMac. I had computer issues which I presumably fixed with Apple software and TechTools. Roon stopped working so I got a new password and installed a new version of Room on the computer. I have not been able to log in (It searches). Yet, when I move off the login screen it shows me as the user. I choose my iMac as the core. However, it won’t see any of my devices nor will it read the external drive where the music is located.

I hope that convoluted explanation of the issue is clear. :slight_smile:

Thoughts? Thanks for the help.


Hi @Craig_Simon1 ---- Thank you for the report and sorry to hear of the troubles here.

Moving forward, if I am not mistaken the late 2013 iMac does not come with an SSD pre-installed, can you confirm for me if you have installed one for your Roon DB as this is going to be one of the minimum requirements to run the application.

Additionally, can you provide some insight into what the issue was that you had experienced with iMac? Furthermore, when you reinstalled Roon again on the computer how did you go about this process? Did you just delete the application OR did you deleted the previous DB, and then, delete the application?


Thank you for responding. The good news is I got it working. I had to delete the old app with app cleaner and everything fell into place. It is loading the library as we speak and finding all the devices on the network. Whew!

The Mac has a fusion drive which is an 128gb SSD mated to a standard 3 TB drive. The Room is on the 3TB drive. It has run perfectly in the past.

All good now!

Thanks again.


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Very pleased to hear you got this sorted @Craig_Simon1!

Happy listening!

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