Can't log in to Last.FM

Lastfm Audioscrobbler login fails. Is this a known issue because they are switching to a new website?

Now it is! I can reproduce this, and I think your hunch is probably correct – I gather there are some changes in progress at Last.FM, and this may be a result of that.

We’re looking into it. Thanks for report!

Are there any updates on this?

We’re working on it.

Nothing changed on our end, and a few other programs reported having trouble scrobbling over the last few weeks, so we’re going to follow up with Last.FM to find out what’s changed on their end.

Expect updates as soon as @jeremiah and I have them – thanks guys!

Quick update guys - we’ve found the issue, and we’ve implemented a fix that addresses a change in the Last.FM API.

The fix will be released in our next build, which I’m hoping should be soon. Keep an eye on the release notes section, and thanks in advance for your patience here guys.

OK. Thanks for keeping us posted. :+1:

When I try to add my account to my Roon profile I continually get the error “Failed to log in to” I changed my password on and tried. My Roon library is on my iMac and I’m running version 1.1 (build 55). I tried to add the account to my iMac and my Macbook Air that is a Roon remote. It doesn’t work on either system and gives the same error. I can use the same username and password to log into so I know the username and p/w are correct. Any help is appreciated.

Hey @mmatt – as mentioned above, a recent change to the Last.FM API is causing some problems here.

We have a fix on the way in our next release that should address it. Thanks!

i have the same problem.
cannot login to my account from roon.

edit: the problem seems to be the osx remote client. tried the login directly on the windows 10 machine running roon core and the login did work.

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