Can't log in to Roon IOS App, please help

Could @support please check why I can not log in to account.

I can log in to the website but not via the iOS app on my iPad Air 2.
I have restarted the iPad, deleted and reinstalled the app, etc. App says logging in but then just stops.

Rest of system is Sonic Orbiter and MS600 hard wired to same router, those should be fine. Subscription is current and uninterrupted but system has not been used in a while. Thank you.

It is not the device you log in via, it is the core you need to reboot. Make sure everything else is up to date.

Hi @Chris_Groobey ----- Thank you for the report and sorry for any confusion here.

Moving forward, can you verify which device is hosting your Roon core? As at @Henry_McLeod has pointed out, you should reboot the core and see if the IOS remote is able to connect.


Eric, sorry for stoking the confusion on my end, my core is a Sonic Transporter, not an Orbiter.

When I open the Roon app on the iPad, it connects to the Transporter core but then asks for a log in. I provide the correct log in credentials and get the “logging in” message (as opposed to an incorrect password message) but then it either spins in forever or stops and reverts to the log in page again.

At first I thought it was just updating the database on the Transporter but it is not even getting to that point – which is why I think it is a log in or account issue.

Btw, thanks to everyone for chiming in, especially on a Sunday.

No apologies necessary, @Chris_Groobey :wink: I appreciate the clarification.

When you are in this state (i.e having to login from the remote), have you accessed the Sonic Transporter via the WebUI to confirm Roon is running? The behavior is a bit strange as you should only have to login to Roon once during the on boarding and after that never again. Unless you are starting fresh/restoring from a backup.