Can't log in to Tidal via Roon, though Tidal app works fine

Roon Core Machine

AMD processor runing Ubuntu 20.05, 32gb ram

Also, running 1.8 (build 806) on all devices

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hitron router/modem from, connected via ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

M1 Mac output via USB to DAC
Also iPhone 7

Library Size

Description of Issue

Started again today getting an error message “Not logged in to Tidal”. I can go to the “Services” tab and click “Setup”, and successfully log in to Tidal. From there, nothing happens- Roon still says “Not logged in to Tidal”
This has happened several times over the past few months, and I have not heard a peep from support when I’ve posted about it. Really getting tired of this.

Is anybody out there? Hello?

Sorry for the trouble here, @Byron_Peterson!

What browser are you using when you try logging in? If you try using a different browser is there any change?

Hey @Byron_Peterson,

I know it’s been quite some time, but, we didn’t want to close this thread before making sure things are well on your end. Could you please share an update with us? If we can help with anything, we’ll do all we can to lend a hand :nerd_face:

Hi there…sometimes it resolves itself. Other times if I reboot my roon server machine it seems to do the trick. So I suppose you can just close this thread.

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