Cant log into Qobuz via Roon

Haven’t been able to log in for past 2 days.
Qobuz is working via app but cant log on via Roon.
Now telling me my PW or username are wrong. Not true.

You already started a couple of other threads regarding this matter. It would be helpful if you provided additional information about your setup, as instructed here in the following post. You’re more likely to get a reply if people can understand how you have everything connected.

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Actually I only started one thread, the mods split my comments into another thread.
Why would my set up have to do with this issue?
Anyway, I have Roon on an Apple computer (M1 Mini) connected to my router via Wi-Fi which is connected to my end point, Lumin X1, using optical interface.
Nothing has changed or been modified here in the past month or more.

Please do not keep opening multiple threads for the same problem.
It truly does not help and in reality possibly hinders further assistance.
Thank you for your patience and understanding

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