Can't log into Roon or Tidal on ROCK [Solved - Changed DNS Settings]


I’m now getting this…

And I can’t look at my account and get this…

I’m using a NUC i7…

Connected to my Virgin Media router via a Cisco network Switch.

When i try and log into Tidal I get…

But I can log into Tidal directly.

This may help…

Please help.



If you haven’t already, I would try rebooting everything all the way to the wall and all endpoints.

Otherwise @support will need info on how your network is set-up (modem/router/switches/nuc/pc/mac wired/wireless) and what computers are on the network

Big Thanks.

I will try that now.


Turned off the router, Cisco switch, ROCK, DCS Bridge and then turned on in the same order but one by one.

Made no difference.

My network is: Virgin media router - to Cisco switch - to ROCK (NUC i7 build). Then switch to DCS Bridge. All wired. No wireless anywhere.

That’s it. No PC. No Mac.

Thanks. Fingers crossed.


Stuff on my hard drive is now working. I’m not getting this anymore…


BTW, Using the DCS app for the Bridge, Tidal works fine. Sounds great too!

So I think the problem is isolated to ROON.


try adding some more DNS entries like your router address and maybe googles DNS or optionally

You might need to use a static IP address for the NUC/ROCK too

Hello @PaulCS,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here. I have a few questions/suggestions starting off:

  • Can you please let me know the model/manufacturer of your Router and model/manufacturer of any switches/range extenders/powerline adapters you are using in this setup?

  • Are you able to access the ROCK from another computer? Can you please manually send us the Logs from your ROCK from your ROCK Core?

  • As @wizardofoz mentioned, if you can update your DNS settings that would be a good troubleshooting step here.

To do this DNS change you have to access your Router’s config page. For example, if you are using a TP-Link router, you can use instructions similar to this video:

I would try using as your primary DNS and as your secondary DNS as per Google’s DNS Config Article.

Please let me know if this change helps resolve the issue.



Many thanks. I’ll be able to do that on Monday.

Be in touch.



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Top job! I changed the ROCK to static IP and used the DNS server and all was instantly fixed.

I wonder what changed?

Anyway, many thanks



Happy to hear that updating the DNS settings have resolved the issue!

Just as a note, I would be very careful leaving the ROCK on a static IP, the better way to have it set up would be to leave it as DHCP and then set the ROCK as a reserved IP in the Router’s configuration page.

Setting it as DHCP ensures that you won’t lose access to your ROCK in case you change Routers or connect the ROCK on a different network (as changing the router or using another network may use another subnet).

Either way, glad that you have been able to get up and running here and thanks again for contacting support!

– Noris

Hi Norris,

Well noted.

I have just reserved the ROCK’s IP in my router - saved changes, gone back to DHCP IP Address Setup in ROCK - restarted ROCK, gone back to Roon and all looks good. I can access my account and Tidal is there.

Thanks again!



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