Can't log into TIDAL - Build 528

I have still issue, I’m rotating around on two of my 3 locally used core. One I’ve managed to login two are still pending. One of the cores using the same Tidal account, but I’ve turned off that core.
So I’m pushing signing in, getting back, turning off core, restating and redoing the same.
Works really badly. I will of course continue it and hope to get through and maybe listen to some music.
Update - two cores are done

Hello @Ferenc_Szucs,

Can you provide some more information regarding your Cores? What operating systems are they running? Which ones have been successful in logging in vs which one is still having issues?

Yes for sure. The last core is this one, I’ve logged in.
Mac Mini running latest High Sierra. Now got in a full library update and scanning (22.000 albums) most probably will have to wait too run it though.
The Mac Mini is old so takes some time to get through. I’ll let run it through night and will give a try in the morning.
Will come back to you tomorrow morning. Thanks.

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The Core is still updating and signing in to my Tidal account is in process. So I’ll wait to let run through the update.
Will keep updating, although I assume it will go finally through.

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Sorry for my delayed answer, but the life and surrounding took away my time…
So at the end after more then a week upgrading process the Tidal login also happened, was for sure delayed because of the upgrading process.
Wish to everybody to stay healthy and get out from this restrictions very fast!

Hi @Ferenc_Szucs,

Thanks for the additional info, but I am a bit unclear as per your last message, the issue has been resolved since upgrading your Core? Please let me know this before I go ahead and mark your thread as [solved], thanks!

Yes, it is solved, just it took enormous time a week to get the whole library updated. Thanks it was only possible to enable the Tidal as well.
You can close it down, thanks!

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