Cant log into tidal

AFTER recent update on ROON, I am no longer able to log on to TIDAL thru ROON. IT says " check your settings"…Nothing has changed with my TIDAL settings, and in fact I can still log on directly with TIDAL, but not thru ROON.

HI @MRJAZZ – we have one or two other users reporting similar issues, so we’re gathering information and looking into what’s going on here.

We’re investigating the issue now, so stand by. I may need some more info from you, but for now we’re on it, and will report back soon.

I can’t log into TIDAL on Roon. I can log into TIDAL outside of ROON. When I try to log on I get a message asking me to check my internet connection, which is fine

Hi Ed,

Try quitting Roon (or Roon Server) core and then restart the app. See if that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Hey @Ed_Lyle – did @Greg’s suggestion above help, or are you still stuck here?

No that didn’t do it. Same Message i.e. Network error: Please check your internet connection

The internet radio function isn’t working either.

Carl Community: Moderator, Leader & KB Editor, gave me the clue Friday night/ Saturday morning. Symantec was blocking and I was able to cobble together a work around.

Thanks for checking.

I love Roon.

Recently installed an Antipodes DX server for a client of mine, it has Roon Server and Roon Ready on board. All went well until he reported that he no longer has access to Tidal. Checked Roon settings and he was signed out of the Tidal account in Services. Tried to re-sign him in but it wouldn’t accept the credentials until I power cycled the server. Then credentials were accepted and all was good. Several days later the same thing happened. Seems to happen when the system is not touched for several days.