Can't Loggin my ROON

Can’t loggin in Roon, “Logging in…” just disappeared and nothing happen after webpage signed in.
It just always show me the “Login UI”.
iShot_2023-10-24_4.43.10 AM

Restarted ROCK, now its showed invalidRecaptcha and cannot log in my account on roon webpage.

To get help you need to fill out the form that was presented to you when you opened this thread and be more specific about how the problem presents itself.

Do you have any pop-up blockers enabled in your browser, or cookie blockers, or other similar security settings or browser extensions?

Hi Mario, no i dont have any pop-up blocker, and i tried ROON APP on my iphone and ipad, same problem, its just nothing happen after i signed up on iphone/ipad safari.

OK. Our friend @xxx from the post above had the InvalidRecaptcha just a few days ago and found that rebooting the router fixed it, if I recall correctly. Maybe reboot everything just to be sure :slight_smile:

it worked, invalidRecaptcha fixed, but still wont let me in, “logging in…” window disappeared and nothing happen. its weird, i can logging in USE COMPUTER after unauthorize the ROCK, its just wont let me in with ROCK. The ROCK im using worked well for 2years until it lost connectiong and wont let me in 1hour ago.

issue solved (ARC Port forwarding problem)

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I’m intrigued. What fixed it exactly?

It happened again, and again rebooting the router cleared it.

It’s something Roon is doing or forgetting to do. Until they get their act together, I’ve scheduled a reboot in the wee hours of the morning.

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