Can't login - roon think's i'm offline

Roon login service appears to be down 06.02.22 14:45gmt

Says I am offline - which I’m not becuase I’m entering this.

“Your account need to be quickly confirmed, then you’ll be all set.
Please check you internet connection and try again,”

Get this nessage on Android mobile and Mac desktop apps

All my other online services/website/etc. I use are working fine.

I can confirm it’s not just you. I got a lot of 401/403 http return codes from multiple Roon endpoints.

also logs like these:

02/06 15:06:07 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] GOT {“status”:“Success”,“licenseid”:“redacted”}
02/06 15:06:07 Warn: [broker/accounts] failed to auth: Result[Status=Unauthorized]


02/06 15:09:43 Debug: [easyhttp] [310] GET to returned after 492 ms, status code: 401


02/06 15:09:48 Debug: [easyhttp] [312] POST to returned after 483 ms, status code: 401

Something seems to be broken on Roon’s end.

I also get a new device logged in email every time I attempt to login. So something think’s I’ve logged in :slight_smile:

logged in now, but get this straight away :man_facepalming:

attempting rock restart…

edit - and working. thankgod i don’t have to listen to crappy spotify mp3 anymore

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