Can't login through APP


Roon APP can find my Roon core. But it is asking me to login. When I put in my login credentials, it says there is a network error and for me to check connection.

The connection is fine.

Obviously, my login is OK since I can login to the forum and post. So also my network is working too.

This is happening on my phone, iPAD and MAC - all with the same message.

What is happening?


Hello @Philip_Vanness,

Can you please try rebooting your Core and let me know if that helps?


Yes. I rebooted, reloaded etc. Everything seems ok.

Hello @Philip_Vanness,

I just marked your response as the solution but it is not clear if “Everything seems ok” means that you were able to log in or if everything seems ok means you don’t have any issues loading up the Roon app at first glace.

Can you let me know if this issue is solved or if it is still ongoing?


This is resolved. Not sure if it was a reboot, reinstall or other than let it work, but all my devices are updated and Roon is working well.

Glad to hear that @Philip_Vanness, I will now close this case knowing that it’s working as expected.
Hope you have a great day!

– Noris

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