Can't Login to Roon App [many users impacted]

This highlights once again that there seems to be no Roon support outside the US day. (Happy to be corrected if I’m wrong.) As this is a Sunday in the middle of a US holiday weekend, I wonder when we’ll see a response.


Same for me.
Russian attack ?

Same here. I can play Qobuz/Tidal albums already in my library but I don’t see any new music.

Tidal and Qobuz section show: “Network error: please check your internet connection”

Log in works again here, metadata as well!! Yeehaa!! :partying_face:

Back on here as well

Not here in Australia.

Issue seems fixed here (Germany)

After Roon restart and rescan: Issue seems fixed here (Poland)

Here for me in France it works again

I encountered this issue several times whenever one powered on Roon(for me I’m using Nucleus) for a while, say about 5 mins without Internet up and running. This error will NOT go away even one turn on the internet after that. The only way is restart your Roon with the Internet connected then the error will go away.

The rule of thumb, have your Internet up and running before power on your Roon. Looks like a bad design though😒

Not yet working for me in the Netherlands - although the issue has changed slightly. No longer getting an explicit error message; it seems as though it is trying to connect, and I get the security alert email, but then the screen returns to the sign-in again.

Same issue.
This is actually the first time I’m trying Roon and for somebody who’s trying to sell me a lifetime account that’s not a good start (apart from other stuff that’s missing or simply not working as announced).

Puh these infrastructure dropouts of Roon are really killing me. I thought there were any learnings from just recently :frowning:

Playlists are empty, playing Qobuz songs is a mess … and as a QNAP my local library is empty after just restarting my NAS.


I canot connect to my roon account.

  • On my local network, i have : unable to retreive account information. network problem (i don’t have network problems)
  • from my phone i can log to support account but if i try to sign in my roon account it loops on the login page with no speciffic message.
  • i receive email notification security alert

i al just coming back from holidays and roon was activated in an other place for a while
I did a roon software update too on the previous site.

Thank you for yoyr help.


I’ve moved your post into this existing thread…

Back almost to normal for me. I now see qobuz and tidal music that is not already in my library. The ‘metadata paused’ message is still there but I expect that will clear with a restart.

Has there been an explanation of the problem yet?


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@support Any update on the infrastructure problem is highly appreciated. Especially after the recent incidents.

I used to puzzle at people who loved vinyl.
Roon makes me listen to a lot of records.
I subscribe for that reason alone.

Roon Valence does also not work for me. „Invalid User“ login not possible. Qobuz works again in Austria.

same problem here… I have a trial period. Does this happen often?