Can't login to Tidal. Bad username or password. But it's not

Haven’t used Roon in a few weeks, and when I tried to login today couldn’t get access to Tidal. It reports “Bad Username or Password.” I know I am entering the correct credentials, as I just tested them on my PC.

Hi Ed!

  1. I would first reboot the server and try again.
  2. If that didn’t work then you could try clearing the Tidal cache as detailed in this post.
    Roon - Tidal cache

Either way, this is a support question, so I am moving it to the Support area where you can get some additional help.

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Rebooting and installing the latest Roon update did the trick. Thanks!!

Great! Enjoy the music and the weekend!

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Kids out of the house for an hour, and I was about to sit down for my first listen of the new Tool album. Imagine my horror when it wasn’t working!! :smile:

Enjoy! I bought the 24/96 download and listened last night sipping some Basil Hayden.

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Two songs in… yes! …literally got goosebumps as it started to play. A stiff drink does sound nice! :slight_smile:

Where’d you but the 24/96? I was thinking about trying to find the physical CD somewhere today, but sounds like that might be tough.

HDtracks, with the discount code it was like 14 USD. Well worth the price.

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