Can't merge separate tracks

Album tracks are separated. I can’t merge them with Roon’s settings: the identification doesn’t work between the two discs, yet it’s the same album illustration and the same track identification. So I gathered the right tracks in the source folder directly in the computer (User’s - Music - iTunes media - Music). But Roon does not take these changes into account. Doesn’t Roon directly record these changes? Do I have to download the source folder again (more than 8 hours!)?

Hi @KDM,

Can you share screenshots of what you’re seeing in Roon as well as how things look in the storage location for this album?


Two album covers : Helene Grimaud/Brahms/Piano pieces op.116-119

Track 19 sould be on the main album

Track 20 is missing


Some thing else : It seems that some tracks ? or albums ? or both ? (I have no time to control all my tracks) are keeping a “memory” of the first place they were stored… i.g : some playing tracks have the name (as a subtitle) of the previous folder. In my situation : “MUSIQUE 1”.
But, this folder doesn’t exist anymore on my laptop!

It seems impossible to erase a previous folder in the storage settings. It is only possible to edit if it is disable. Why ?

Hi @KDM,

If you select both of the albums from the Album Browser and merge the albums does that resolve this for you?

“MUSIQUE_1” is showing where the album’s artist would typically show. I see that this album is unidentified, so it is using the file tags from the album instead. If you look at the file tags for this album, what do you see under the artist details?

You can also try to manually identify this album by clicking on “Non identifie” and choosing the identify option.

No I can’t merge the two Helene Grimaud albums. I already tried.

About MUSIQUE_1, Yes it was a problem with the datas. I corrected this.


Hi @KDM,

What happens when you try to do this? Do you receive any errors?

No error(s).
I can’t select the main album to merge with the second one that contain the track n° 19. I can select only one album, the second one doesn’t appear in the selection of albums on the left in the window.
Or maybe I don’t understand well how to do ?
And where is the track number 20 ? It is on the laptop folder but appears nowhere in Roon…

Sorry, I did it. I was wrong. I now have a complete album.

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