Can't play 24/192 or 24/96 through auralic Aries

I upgraded to release 1.2 and no sound is produced for the listed hi Rez files. 24/176 and DSD all work fine.
I have an auralic Aries most recent version and a solution dac that was recently upgraded to the latest version. I use a MacBook Pro with 8 gigs memory and version 10.11.4 of el capitain.

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Hi @jack_feder – sorry for the trouble! Can you let me know what DAC you’re using, and how your audio settings are configured? Screenshots like the ones here would be great.

Let me know a little more about your setup and we’ll get this resolved. Thanks!

I have a Soulution DAC model 745.

audio setup:
system output general — use core audio mixer
resync dleay 0s

syatem output playback—max sample rate and max bits per sample both disabled
aurilic aries settings-- 0ms delay, sample rate max 192, max bits per sample and max dsd sample both disabled. same settings for builtin output playback audio settings

Hi @jack_feder, were you able to play 24/192 and 24/96 to your Aries before updating to 1.2? And are you seeing any error messages when you attempt to play back these formats? Lastly, can you confirm that you’re using the Aries zone and not system output?

And a screenshot like the ones from Mike’s link would also help us to troubleshoot here, thanks!

There is no error message it shows that it is playing normally in both the auralic and the roon page. But no sound is produced.

How do I send screen shots?

Hey @jack_feder – you can make the screenshots following these instructions:

Then click reply here on the community site, and drag them right in. Let us know how it goes!