Can't play music to any connected or internal devices - Only AirPlay working


I’ve just started using Roon and set up my Macbook Pro running El Capitan (10.11.3) as the “core server”.

I’m not able to play any music what so ever to any of the devices on the Macbook (Internal output, Thunderbolt display or AudioQuest Dragonfly). All outputs show up fine and I can set them up how I want, but when trying to start playback the track doesn’t even start (no error message or anything).

It works fine streaming to my AppleTV3 over AirPlay.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance

I had the exact same problem when roon moved to 64bit. In my case it was a bad audio plug in that caused it. Do you have bartender installed?

Hey @Nils_Kanevad, thanks @stevev1 – I would check for plug ins as well.

Would you mind looking over /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins, and /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL and letting me know what you’re seeing there? I’m guessing we’ll find something non-standard in there, and moving it aside will resolve this.

Hi @mike and @stevev1,

Thanks a lot for the response!

The Plug-Ins/HAL folder had a ‘BartenderAudioPlugIn.plugin’ in it. I’ve moved it - Waiting for my trial to be reactivated so that I can test it. Fingers crossed :smile:

Just out of curiosity, I went looking in that folder on my system, which is working fine. I do have Bartender installed on my Mac, and there is a Bartender audio plug-in installed - I’m not wishing problems on myself, but any idea why I’m up and running with that plug-in installed and others need to remove it? Thanks!

@mike and steve - Yay! It works :slight_smile: Thanks guys…

@kneville , that’s strange… According to Bartender website ( it seems something changed for volume handling in El Capitan. Are you using El Capitan or a older OS X version? I’m thinking that it could also have to do with how Bartender is set up, that determines if that audio plugin is actually in use or not.

@Nils_Kanevad - I’m on El Capitan, latest version. Perhaps it’s a Bartender configuration issue. What does a menu bar manager need to use/have an audio plug-in for, I wonder? I don’t keep my volume control in Bartender, suppose that could make a difference. I’m certainly not going to try to break it, but good know one possible fix if I run into any trouble.

@kneville - haha, that’s a good question… I don’t see the point for that either :smile:

Hoping you don’t break it by mistake!