Can't play Roon to my Audio Device on my WiFi network

I’m having a problem with ROON. Although I have what appears to be a working ROON core on my laptop, it will not consistently play through ROON-ready audio devices in my room.

  1. Describe my Setup
    a. I am running version 1.3 of ROON in a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit operating system
    b. The ROON core is running on my Lenovo P50 Laptop with 32 GB of RAM. It is stored on a 500 GB SSD. It uses Intel Series i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60 GHz, 2592 MHz, 4 cores.
    c. The digital music files are stored on the laptop 500GB SSD in the music subdirectory.
    d. There are currently only 71 tracks.
    e. Both my Lenovo P50 laptop and my Roon-Ready Bryston BDP-3 media player are on my WiFi network. Physically, the laptop and music system are on the second floor in my condominium, and the router with connections to the internet, is on the first floor in the attached garage. Even so, I have strong reception of the WiFi network in the second floor music room. Both the Laptop and the BDP-3 are on the network. I’m using Bryston’s WiFi USB Dongle to put the BDP-3 media player on the network.

  2. Describe the problem
    a. Although it did work for a while, Roon no longer can plays a track through the BDP-3. Now it only plays on the Lenovo P50’s loudspeakers. Nothing happens with the Bryston BDP-3. I am not certain what has changed because the settings in Roon still show the BDP-3.
    b. I have only one Roon music storage and one playback device, the BDP-3. Roon asks me to set up zones but I’m not able to designate that the zone I name has the BDP-3 in it.
    c. I can access my Roon system with my Apple iPhone 6. How, Roon will only play the track through the laptop’s speakers.
    d. I have made the Bryston BDP-3 “Roon Ready” and it shows up in the ROON settings menu as an audio device on my network. However, the tracks will not stream to the BDP-3.
    e. I have many music files stored on the BDP-3. Roon can’t find those files and load them into its library.
    f. I am a reviewer for Stereophile, and it would be most helpful to be able to control the playback using Roon.

Larry Greenhill

Hi Larry. Does your Bryston BDP settings look similar to the one in this screenshot. I just uploaded the latest S2.36 firmware, so this is the most current non beta screenview for settings. My device is the original version BDP-1. Does Roon act like its playing, but you’re not getting output? Which output are you trying to get music to feed from? One thing, if you have the USB output connected, the BNC/ or S/PDIF (if using an adapter) output will be defeated…

Thanks for sending the screen shots. I am running the latest S2.36 firmware on my BPD-3. My Roon audio setup screen now matches yours. I found that by calling the zone “Bryston BDP-3” and inserting that name into each place on the Audio Device Screen, as well as forcing the BDP-3 into the “Roon-Ready” mode, I was able to get the BDP-3 to play. So the issue is resolved, thanks to you!

I am now trying work out another problem. I am able to control the Roon Core from my iPhone 6 smartphone using the Roon Remote app, but the audio output only goes to the speakers in the laptop as its Roon Output. It does not play to the BPD-3 connected to my home stereo system. I therefore can’t use the iPhone to control playback from Roon to work on my stereo system through the BDP-3 on the network.

Do you have any suggestions how I can get the iPhone to allow the core to connect to the BDP-3 audio device as the system output?


Larry, since Roon inherently has a multizone architecture, you have to select your currently desired audio zone on each Roon remote. Have you selected the Bryston zone on the iPhone remote?


Thanks for the advice.

I have checked my Roon Remote on my iPhone. I have set all three options (DSD Asio Driver; System Output; Networked device) to “Bryston BDP-3.” These are the same settings I have on the laptop itself running the Roon Core.

Have I missed a place to indicate the zone? Is there a separate place in the Roon Remote software?


Guess I’d be sure to check the Bryston’s drop down to be sure it’s pointing to Roon. You’ve already confirmed that Roon is showing the BDP in its Roon Ready list. What are the possible settings in Roon for Device Setup and DSP? As for Windows itself you may need to ensure that it is using whatever is correct for output to the BDP (WASAPI or ASIO, I think). But I’m guessing here as I use Mac.

Hi Larry, Make sure you have the “accept connections from remotes” toggled. This is a photo of my imac desktop - top center of the page is the toggle. Toggle the switch in your Roon Core device.

The iphone and ipad devices are by Roon definition, “remotes”

iphone 6 is supported, but you need a minimum of iOS 8 loaded.