Can't purchase or upgrade to Lifetime Error CCDeclined

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I try to purchase Lifetime but can’t,It’s show CCDeclined. I use debit card to purchase. Today I went nearest bank to increse limit for online purchase but still can’t upgrade to Lifetime still show CCDeclined. Bank officer suggest me to purchase annual first and upgrade to lifetime later. Right now I can purchase annual but can’t upgrade to Lifetime still show CCDeclined.

Paging @beka


Hey @Sitthichok_Manggronk,

We’re so sorry to hear about the trouble — we also got your email and replied with details there. We can’t wait for you to become a lifetime subscriber.

@Jim_F, millions of thanks for notifying me of this question :pray:


Right now I joined Lifetime and enjoy the music Thank you. @Jim_F

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@beka My issue resolved. Thank you.


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