Can't read links in album review on Now Playing

Looking at this screen:

Can you tell which Radiohead album, other than “The Bends” is said to feature “anthemic guitar heroics”? Or whose voice “effortlessly shifts from a sweet falsetto to vicious snarls”?

I can on my phone screen

Ged, thanks for the information. What phone are you using? Is the text there presented against a solid background or against a blurred-out photograph.

I normally use a Samsung S10 tablet for playback control and a Windows 7 PC for management. There are pictorial backgrounds and consequent legibility issues on both.

Normally, I never use Roon from my Samsung S7 phone, but I installed it there and lo and behold I can easily read the “Ok Computer” metainformation too, because it’s presented against a solid black background, not against a blurred out photograph.

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