Can't remote access Roon from iPhone

Roon Core Machine

Win10 64-bit Build 19044 32GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Xfinity Gateway, PC on Ethernet and WiFi, phone on WiFi, same network

Connected Audio Devices

SonicTransporter with external USB HD

Number of Tracks in Library

44,420 tracks

Description of Issue

Can’t connect via iPhone 12 Pro. Latest Roon update (2.0) installed on desktop. Your instructions say, " The first thing to confirm is that your main Roon install is set up to accept connections from remotes. To do this, click the main Navigation menu (top-left of Roon) and select Settings. Next, click the Setup tab, and make sure “Accept connections…” is set to Yes " but there is no place that says Accept connections under Setup. On iPhone Roon app, under Choose your Roon Core, it shows sonictransport, shows “Update required”, after hitting enter it goes through the motions of checking for an update but just spins and nothing happens.

Update your iPhone Roon Remote app on the Apple App Store just like all other iPhone apps. It’s Roon Remote 2.0 version 2.0.01127.

Thank you!!

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