Cant remove genre from album

Yeah, I think there is a bug. I tried to remove an album from Classical, but it’s still showing up even though the tag isn’t ticked anymore.

I assume you hit Save after unticking?

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Where is it showing up?

Albums inherit their genres from up the hierarchy, so an album tagged as “bop” will show up when you focus on Jazz, even if the album is not specifically tagged as Jazz. This is because bop is a subgenre of Jazz (by default).

Assuming you’re not seeing Classical on the album page any more, you probably have another genre that is considered a subgenre of Classical. You can either remove that genre as well, or edit the genre to a place that seems more appropriate to you in the genre hierarchy.

So, I go into classical and spot an album that I don’t want to be in classical… I click the pencil and scroll to a screen that shows the various tags for the album. All the tags have a tick. I then select the classical tag, and the tick gets removed. Next I confirm that I don’t want Iit ticked. However, when I go back to classical the album is still showing up. And if I click the pencil again, the classical tag is still not ticked. Same thing if I shut down and restart.

Yes, I am saving.

What are the other genres the album was tagged with?

Film Score, Original Score, Stage & Screen, Soundtracks

So, I think the issue here is that our metadata providers consider Film Score to be a type of classical music.

Since it’s considered a subgenre of classical, the album still shows up under classical.

Two ways you can fix this:

  • Edit the genre Film Score – in my library, I’ve set it as a subgenre of Stage and Screen instead. You can do this by clicking the little pencil on the Film Score page and then choosing a new parent genre.
  • Remove Film Score from the album in question