Can't restore backup after trial cancelled in error

@support Trial cancelled by mistake - service now resumed but my library is diminished and I can’t restore a back-up

Most files on Drobo DAS

Hi @MrDenis,

Can you give a little more detail of what you did after the trial was cancelled, this will help you to get the best advice.

  • How did you resume the trial (new account, reinstall, etc. etc.)?

  • Library diminished, in what way (are all the albums missing or just some of them)?

  • Why are you attempting to restore a backup, did you move machines or something else?

  • Have you checked that Roon is watching the correct folders? (Can you post a screen shot of settings–>Storage screen).

  • Anything else that may be helpful for us to know, in order to point you in the right direction.

Trial was reactivated by Kevin Pierson - same account - just relaunched program no new install
Only 25% of library showing 18k of 75k tracks
Trying to restore back-up as I assume that’s best practice if data appears lost
The active iTunes Library appears to be where the files are missing from - there’s many more than 12081 tracks in there

Hi @MrDenis — Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the troubles here. In regard to your iTunes content, can you confirm the following information for me:

  1. Is your iTunes XML in the same folder that your music is being imported from?

  2. If you perform this iTunes sync test taken from our Knowledge Base, what are the results?


I ended up forcing a rescan of the iTunes Library which appears to have located the missing media but I’m not sure yet if any changes I made have been kept.

Is the backup not useful in this scenario?

If all my iTunes media are in one directory is it better to watch that rather than use the iTunes Library.xml?

The only reason to use the iTunes XML is if you want your iTunes playlists imported. Also, if all your media is all in one folder, you should be able to use our new and improved iTunes watching functionality.

Can you confirm all your iTunes media is in one folder? If so, I would recommend making a backup, removing the 1.2 iTunes folder, and simply adding the folder where all your media is stored. You can turn on iTunes import when setting up the folder, and you should be in better shape here.

Just let us know if you have any questions @MrDenis – thanks!