Cant restore backup

Where to start:
Nucleus to Qnap NAS
had to change user account/Password for NAS
Now trying to reload ROON back from time under previous NAS user
when i choose backup version it restores but then tells me an update is needed and then it rests to point where I need choose file destination to load music library from the begin
please help.
have spent hours editing music library and need to be able to restore a backup file

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thanks basically unable to restore backup after creating new user account in QNAP NAS

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The backup also contains your library settings (the old connection to your NAS with the old username/password), so it is expected that you have to correct it after loading an old backup. Did you check, after you made the needed corrections, if your edits are gone? AFAIK they should persist as it’s what also might happen when one chooses to migrate the core.

Read also:

this sounds like what is going on…edits under new NAS user account not present.
Can i use backup files under previous NAS user account ?
or do i have to redo all the editing id done previous,hours upon hours?
how do i use a backup to restore given new NAS user info via Nucleus?

Read the FAQ linked above. Don’t create a new storage location; edit the existing one and all edits should be kept.

thx…unfortunately i removed previous location and have loaded new

Load a backup again, that should restore the old location.

will try …completely overwhelmed here…head spinning…thank you

no go unfortunately
back up version found and loaded.
when time time restore i then connect to my nucleus
it then goes to a software update and then to the point where it prompts me to add new file location.

I don’t know what prompt that is. Please post screenshots to show. Try to close the prompt, go to Settings|Storage and edit your old storage location there.

thank you

So, go to Settings|Storage and edit your old storage location. Does it work?

thanks for your help but it doesn’t work
im pretty out of my league here

Then you should describe why not.

honestly im completely confused.
all i did was change a NAS account now i cannot play music where i could b4.
when goto “storage”
there is a location listed…the NAS address.

it tells me, in red, that directory is not avail…check directory or edit this folder if it has been moved

i am unable to find any backups at this time

when going to Home It is asking me to add music to start experiencing Roon

i can access the folder in my NAS that contains the ROON backup

when i choose roon back up folder it begins to “spin” but then no material is added