Can't restore database from PC to NUC

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Description Of Issue
I can’t restore the database on new NUC. Followed the instructions but the boot up screen stating ‘Restore from BackUp’’ did not show. went straight to the UI.

Help please.

It looks like the resolution is wrong and the option is “off screen”. Notice the Start Free Trial is offset. Try plugging the NUC into a different monitor and see if it makes a difference.

I wasn’t doing it thru a screen, i was doing it thru a web UI.
I had the shop load the BIOS and ROCK as didn’t want to mess around with that stuff.
So are you saying the only was to copy it across is via a monitor?
Surely there must be another way to do this?

And apologies - but the screen shot i posted was not what i was seeing - i just posted that to show that’s what i was looking for. I get the UI as per below.
Can i copy across the back using explorer/drag and drop or some other way?

You are looking at the ROCK GUI. You don’t reinstall the backup there. The backup is installed through Roon (on your PC or Mac) or Roon Remote (iOS).
You’ll see restore from a backup on the lower left part of the Login Screen. That will let you select your old database from it’s backup location.

If the above suggestions don’t work for you, just understand you don’t need to restore right at login.
You can do it at any time from a Remote.

Hi @David_Dome,

You’ll need to restore the backup via the Roon UI, as noted here. This can be done in the lower-left of the login screen as shown in the screenshot or you can do it from the Backups tab once logged in.

If you’re not seeing this option can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the Roon UI?

I was trying to do the back up via the GUI
Here’s the set up.
Previously my core was on my home laptop
I have set up a new NUC with BIOS and Roon (or the shop i purchased the NUC did). I now want to migrate the database across. I don’t have a separate monitor so i am trying to work out how to restore the back up from the laptop (the old core). Is this possible? Because the NUC has already been logged into, i don’t get the sign up screen that is detailed in the website, and there are no instructions on how to restore a back up ‘‘remotely’’ from a laptop onto a NUC

Also, and this may be related, all my music is stored on a Nativ Vita AND on my laptop that i used previously as the core (because when ripping CDs they had to rip to the laptop anyway, i copied them acorss to the Nativ but left them on the laptop as a kind of back up as well). When i used the new NUC as the core and used the app to view, there was no music to view on Nativ (even tho the whole music database is stored on the Nativ). How do i get the new core to point to either the Nativ’s music database?

Thanks @xxx - i’m not exactly sure how to do this remotely (my post later shows how it’s been set up), but will try when i get home from work tonight.

  1. Download Remote app from Roon onto a iOS or Android device
  2. From that device access your new Core.
  3. Settings ==> Backups ==> Find Backups

Or do #3 right from your new Core machine after you’ve logged in.:slightly_smiling_face:

Ok so this is the screen i get to.
What’s the next step here?

Dave -

I’m going to tag @support.
If your backup is on your laptop, you need to tell your new core its there.
So if the IP address of your laptop is and the backups are in a folder called Roon_Backups you would enter:
\\\Roon_Backups for Network Share Location
You use the Username and Password used for logging into the laptop. Usually the Workgroup is blank.
You will use a similar approach to add the IP address for where the Music is stored.
Typically, if you just add the IP address for Network share location you’ll get subfolders to browse. This lets you pick the specific file location without typing it in.

Gave that a go this morning and it didn’t go well

I entered what i think is the laptop address
Username is the laptop and password (again, i think, as i use pin numbers/face recognition i never use that password - my Microsoft account password - and had to go and find that)
Got ''unexpected error. ‘’
Now the issue could be in any of those steps and v difficult to isolate.
Surely there must be an easier way?
I am dreading trying to copy the music across if at any time can get the db updated! Tbh - i am not too fussed about the db - i can recreate the playlists if i have to.
If the music could be copied across or pointed to look at the Vita i’d be happy with that. To point at the Vita do i just add it as a watch folder? (even tho the music is stored on the Vita?)

I can’t help you with the username/password part, obviously.
Moving the music to a NUC isn’t hard, it just takes time. But a more immediate problem is that I don’t see a storage device in your system. When there as internal storage there is a block just under the Roon Server Software block in the ROCK GUI. It will say Internal Music Storage and will give data on the drive capacity.
You should be able to see your ROCK system by looking under Network in Windows Explorer. If you click on ROCK all the information will be there, including Storage.
I can’t comment on how straightforward it would be to use your Nativ Vita like a network storage device.

Hmmm, that’s interesting
There should be a Intel SSD 128 GB drive in there. I will check tonight when i get home and make sure that it’s there!

The 128 GB SSD drive can only be used to install ROCK. Referred to as the M2 drive. It’s used for the OS and the database. Music can’t go on it. :frowning_face:
You have a couple options. Depending on the form factor of the NUC you can have a 2.5 inch drive installed (referred to as SATA drive). They are fairly cheap and easy to install.
OR you can use a USB drive plugged into the back of the NUC.

Ok got it! Does that mean that i can’t load the back up until the SATA drive is installed as well?

No. You can back up the database from an old database as you are now. That backup goes to the M2 drive.

Sorry - just re-read your previous post and it’s pretty clear in that.
Will try again tonight.

Some other helpful information here. @Geoff_Coupe helped another user through the process of getting a Windows PC set as a network share for ROCK. Sounds like the same issues you’re running into.
Scroll down to post 8 or so