Can't run outside Full Screen mode

I’ve been running Roon for two weeks and something has just come up today for the first time. On startup of Roon I get an error message saying “Your screen resolution is too small to run Roon. Please try to run maximized or fullscreen.”. I am running Roon server on a MacMini headless, accessed through another Mac with a large display using ScreenSharing. I also tried SplashTop and had the same problem. I haven’t changed anything about the display settings in the server preferences or anywhere else in the last two weeks or several months.

I searched and found a post saying that Roon requires at least 700 pixels vertical. I have the resolution on the headless server set to 1280x1024 with the taskbar on autohide. This was not an issue until recently. Fullscreen mode is really annoying, and I can’t imagine any circumstances under which I would use it except possibly (in the future) on a tablet.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I am having the same problem…in the same setup…I thought it was because I am temporarily using a TV as a monitor connected to my macbook pro but it still occurs when I am just using the laptop. It is very inconvenient if you are using Roon for music while you are working…and it wasnt a problem until today !!!

I’ve seen similar issues with Roon trying to resize it smaller than what it started up in.
Have you tried starting it in a smaller size?

[quote=“tLea, post:1, topic:2295”]
This was not an issue until recently.
[/quote]Hi, do you have any ideas on what might have changed (Roon version, Apple OSX update, Config)?

[quote=“tLea, post:1, topic:2295”]
accessed through another Mac with a large display using ScreenSharing
[/quote]On a side note, have you considered installing Roon as a remote on that second Mac?

the only size setting I can find refers to memory for artwork etc…I reduced that to128mB but it didnt make any difference…as with the previous poster, I have changed nothing in the Mini, MacBook or other settings and it just started to happen yesterday. Before that I could keep a Roon window open on my big monitor to control Roon whilst I used other programs, now it only operates full screen. I can still use Screensaving to operate Roon on the MacMini but that rather defeats the object of using Roon as a remote client on the Macbook, which was one of the attractions of the software in the first place !!

With the size i meant the display driver settings under the OS. On my Android tablet I can start Roon in full screen mode and when I switch to standard mode I get this error. However when in standard mode starting up Roon it works just fine and doesn’t need full screen.

However, as Carl already mentioned, the best practice would be to install Roon as a remote client on the MacBook. Enable your core setup on the Mini to accept connections from remotes (settings\setup) and off you go.
Is there anything stopping you to do this?

I have installed Roon as a remote client on the Macbook I use to run the MacMini as a headless server…that was the first move in installation and until I came back from vacation that was the way it ran successfully ( some issues about firewalls but those were solved ) On return from vacation, fired it up and got the resolution message that the previous poster referred to. Prior to that it did run in a window on the Macbook desktop and on external monitors. I think the external monitor issue is irrelevant as it will now only run fullscreen on the MacBook alone. The display settings on the Mini give a range of resolutions and it was set to the highest, but even setting it to a medium level ( although above what Roon seems to require ) makes no difference…further thoughts?

To my knowledge the display settings of the remote are not linked to the core at all.
So suspect it is a local graphical issue. At the risk of insulting intelligence, have you rebooted your macbook and the started Roon without the external display being connected? Or ’ hard closed’ Roon (apple has this habit of keeping apps running unless your really go menu\quit) and then restarted it on the macbook only?

Sometimes the bleeding obvious is the way to go, so dont worry about intelligence insulting…that did the trick and I will experiment with whether i always need to disconnect the monitor before restarting, which is a pain but less so than only being able to operate Roon fullscreen…many thanks, lets see if that continues to work

Great! I think we need a new feature: Roon to scale dynamically to new screen sizes.

Done (the request that is)