Can't save edits on Windows device [Ticket In]

I have updated Roon 1.8 (756), but there is still a problem that the file cannot be edited on the Windows version, and the editing can be completed on IOS (IPad). I found that the reason is that the SAVE button positions of these two versions are reversed.

The Android version is more tragic, unable to update 1.8 (756) and only maintains at 1.8 (748), it does not have an editing option.

I can confirm both the fixing of the ‘settings display’ bug and the discovery of a new bug around editing files (not being able to SAVE the edits, such as changing the imported date at the track level)

@Taki_Tseng as for buttons placing on iOS, Android and Windows - they are placed like that based on the official manifest of screen elements. And now they are placed as expected.
And now to the main thing. Can you, please, get to the state when you can’t save the changes and make screenshots of a whole this dialog (Album editor) from top to bottom? Because I can’t reproduce, but I’ve tried these fields that you mentioned. The edges field(s) that prevent saving should be highlighted with red.

After I reinstalled the local program individually, the Window version has returned to normal and can be edited and saved.

The Android phone version still cannot be edited.

HI, @Taki_Tseng , just an update here. We found an issue related to this tab and a ticket was put in. Thank you for providing details, it was really helpful.




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