Can't search for a remix

Hi Support

I can search for ‘let’s get married reception remix’ in Tidal’s Desktop App and the track has ‘reception remix’ in the title.

But searching in Roon Tidal results in nothing.

The only way is to add to favourites via the Tidal Desktop App. Even then, it shows in Roon but there’s no mention of the ‘reception remix’ in the track’s title, so searching for this remix would still fail.


This has been a problem for years and it seems to never get fixed… I search for it every few months and hope. If you have the files locally you can override it in settings, but for some reason that doesn’t work with Tidal files even though they are tagged correctly like in your example. More and more I seem to just switch to Tidal desktop app and keep playing there, and that’s really sad as I mostly really like Roon and have a lifetime membership.


I’m in the exact same position.

It’s disappointing but the number of Roon users searching for any kind of remix might be low, so maybe it’s a low priority.

Or maybe there’s a technical reason and it just can’t be fixed at the moment? I’ll drop @joel a tag.

It’s not just in search and not just with remixes. It could be an acoustic version, a demo version, live version, and so on… Roon displays the name of the original and nothing more. I have to open Tidal to see the info I need, and why it should be such a huge issue to fix when the info is already provided by the host of the streaming content is far beyond my imagination. I know the metadata from AllMusic is horrible, but it’s even overriding the original metadata from tidal with no option to choose when the files are not local.

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Exactly right. Thanks for reminding me.

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Has there been any further news on this? I’m finding it quite annoying as well.

These days I use the official Tidal apps (desktop & iOS) more than Roon for discovering new music, because of this and other types of lag that Roon has.

So I haven’t noticed if this is still as big a pain as it used to be for more me.

But I can find the remix mentioned in the opening post, so there has been some progress…

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That’s great. I’ll need to do some testing, and I wonder what changed. If their metadata provider updated the remix in question, or Roon has changed something to make it visible for all Tidal tracks with this info.

It’s an odd connection cutting across genres but this is very similar to the issue of transcription treatment in Classical music. For example, roon doesn’t handle labeling, search and grouping of piano versions of orchestrated music, or guitar versions of violin or clarinet etc. etc. In that sense a transcription has a lot of similarities with a remix. I haven’t noticed any improvements. Similar requests have been made in Classical posts going back years.

I was hoping this would have been solved in 1.8 as it seems it’s been a lot of rewritten code, but this is still an issue. Is this still beeing worked on?

@support - Any updates on this? I’m sooo tired of manually adding remix info to my library, and beeing into electronic music I have a lot of them.

Hey @Henrik_Richter_Schie,

Thank you for reaching out to us on this, my apologies for not seeing your thread sooner.

Yes, I do have some updates I can share about this. We’ve made some adjustments recently to how metadata is being displayed for canonical releases that has been an incremental step toward more wide-reaching metadata enhancements - specifically those that will address track display extensions such as alternate version, instrumental, remix, live version, demo, etc.

Work has been underway on this, and is ongoing. Please understand that these efforts comprise just a piece of other simultaneous development work that is underway, and we don’t have a timeline to share for when these features will be implemented. Roon doesn’t do a straight pass-through of metadata from Qobuz and Tidal, so there’s more to this than just displaying what you see from streaming services. A lot more.

We know that you’re all eager to see this happen - we are too. We love music the way that you do, we’re in this together. We appreciate your patience while we continue this work. Please stay tuned for more. Thanks!

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Hi Jamie!

Good to hear this is still being worked on, and I understand that you have a lot on your plate, but just this thread is 4 years old and there are many like it even older… I feel like there are some issues like this that has just taken too long, that are basic functionality that should be considered standard in any music player upon first release. I’ve been using Roon since 2016 and that fact that I still have to edit metadata on most of my music every week is insane considering the price…

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Hey @Henrik_Richter_Schie,

First I want to assure you that this hasn’t been forgotten. It’s a component of much larger system wide features we’re working on. Because of that it’s not a quick fix, even though it may seem that it could be if it were approached individually. I’m eager to see this implemented as well. This feature will benefit many of our listeners, for me it’s going to enhance some super deluxe sets that I listen to frequently. We appreciate your patience and understanding Henrik.

Oh, by the way. Be sure to use the @ sign before my name to ping me directly. That way I won’t miss any of your messages.

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