Can't search subs if 1 track in personal library

I have been complaining here for a while that I can’t get Roon to search Quboz and Tidal for albums very well. I think I have more information. It seems if I have 1 track from an album in my library, search stops looking after it finds it locally and won’t go looking in Quboz or Tidal for it.

I get the entry in my personal library, but that’s it. So long as I search for an album name that is not in my library at all search works like it does for everyone else.

This happened because at some point in the past I was buying single album tracks here and there.

To reproduce, get a track from say Lady Gaga’s Monster, and put it in your local library. Then try to search for the album.

There have been some big changes recently, are you on the latest 1182 version yet? (the issue you’re describing is probably still there though).

Just to make sure I understand the problem correctly, I’ll write down how to reproduce the issue, so please correct me if I’m wrong:

  1. have a local copy of the album Monster by Lady Gaga
  2. have both tidal and qobuz
  3. search for f.e. lady gaga alejandro
  4. search displays the local version, but not tidal and qobuz?