Can't see Local Characters

Currently I’m happy with three RoPeees and two of them has 7" display. I wonder if I could see local characters on Album and Track titles and Artist Names like roon remote does. It is “Japanese” for me. I’m OK this is not urgent fixing requirement that I already have nice music. Please sometime you have a look about.

PS: I don’t need localizing on Web UI



Yeah this has been reported before. It just slipped from my list.
Step one is that I need content of course :wink:
Any suggestion where I can buy it onlne?

Harry, couldn’t you just use a dummy album and tag using characters (and set Roon to use file data)? This way you can test using a variety of languages (simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian) at will.

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Good idea!

For the dummy album, here’re some sample text.
Hope this helps.

Album Artist Album Disc# Track# Title Track Artist(s)
ザ・フォーク・クルセダーズ 戦争と平和 1 1 芸術家、科学者、そして宗教家 ザ・フォーク・クルセダーズ
ザ・フォーク・クルセダーズ 戦争と平和 1 2 あの素晴しい愛をもう一度 ザ・フォーク・クルセダーズ
ザ・フォーク・クルセダーズ 戦争と平和 1 3 11月3日(雨ニモマケズ) ザ・フォーク・クルセダーズ
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