Can't see Micro Rendu

@dylan I’m having the same issue. 2018 Mac Mini (fully updated) running Roon Server. Everything works fine from a Roon perspective, eg local desktop DAC and Sonos devices work fine. However Roon does not see the Micro Rendu in Settings → Audio. Restarted Roon Server.

I’m able to connect to the Micro Rendu fine. The Rendu is running 2.8, just ran the update. Rebooted the Rendu. Restarted the Rendu app. Switched to a different app and back to the Roon Ready app. No joy.

To date I’ve never had an issue with Roon seeing the Micro Rendu. Any ideas?

-edit- Nuked Roon Server and reinstalled, but still no Micro Rendu :frowning_face:

-edit- Powered everything down, disconnected, reconnected and it appears that the USB port on the Micro Rendu is no longer functional :cry: I guess these things don’t last forever, it was a good five years :boom:

Sorry to hear that, @mrvco! Roon will only show the Rendu if there is a DAC connected to it and powered on, but if the USB port on the Rendu isn’t working then that would explain why Roon isn’t displaying it. If you get in contact with their support they should be able to help you out.

@mrvco try rebooting the router chain, from the WAN router forward. Slowly, including other routers that don’t feed into the Rendu. Then wait to power on the Rendu. After some patience with this process, I have had had perfect microRendu signal to my couchside gear. Also try different USB cables and different devices at the USB receiving end, if you can. Failed USB on the Rendu seems weird unless the port is damaged or the unit was pretty overheated.

Thanks, there are no issues communicating with the Micro Rendu via Ethernet (updating, rebooting, etc from the Sonore UI). I did move the Rendu to another location and tried multiple USB cables and DACs with no success. I created an account on the Sonore support forums and I’ll see if there is any CLI magic to try.

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