Can't see my own tracks

I am a Roon rookie who has run into an issue. I have added a folder for Roon to monitor and it has found the folder. However, Roon is not playing my local tracks but rather the Tidal version of the tracks. For example I recently purchased some DSD albums to play with. I will search for them, and Roon will show I have the album in my library, but when I play it and check the signal path, it is saying the source is a Tidal flac. How do I make it play the local file instead?

Also how can I browse only my local library?

Hi @Edward_Liew ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. May I kindly ask you to please verify the following information for me:

  1. When you navigate to the DSD album you purchased and are noticing it is a TIDAL selection, are you seeing the “other version” selection as seen in the example below?

  1. When you launched Roon the first time by chance did you add any collections from TIDAL?

FYI: If you’d like to remove any of this content from your library try using the instructions here.


Yeah, @Eric’s questions above are on the right track.

@Edward_Liew can you show us some screenshots of one of these albums? In particular I’d be interested to see the album screen, and also what you see when you click on one of these tracks and choose View File Info.

Much of Roon is designed to seamlessly blend the music in your library, whether it comes from TIDAL or your local files. You can use Focus, however, to only view albums or tracks that are local, or TIDAL.

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